BinKi BootZ

The ViBe "RiDE"

 BinKi BootZ aka BBz is an artistry in rhythm, a professional’s professional. She is extremely talented as a Performer, Performance-

Coach,Dancer, Singer and Actress. 

BinKi BootZ leads her new Musik Project with the OG Style 2013 Single Release “RiDE” with me Side by Side, the 2014 Single "BELIEVE"

in the Chi-Key & the banger "RiDe Out With Me".  Her rich, sultry voice, combined with her explosive dancing style, is the heroine of her

new founded company (, “Put Your Foot down Productions”.  Every move she makes, every song she sings reflects

the beauty of this talented performer. BinKi BootZ is spectacular adept and gifted with breathtaking emotion.

Refusing to give up BinKi BootZ is back in the studio, Now!! Personalizing her up and coming stage production BBz-TheViBe "RiDE”, Working diligently on her new single "BELIEVE" in the Chi-Key, collaborating with the Inspiring Muscian/Vocalist Rikki G. and Beat Master B-Love of sloandlo Productions. This Single is definately INSPIRING &
UPLIFTING to your Soul.

BinKi BootZ has been exploring her writing and singing talents with a local Recording Co. in the Bay Area and with Icing Love and family
cake support a few new project singles are in pre-production called "IF" with (Over 60 Records) and (a Beat by Dimonz) aka Domi Rash
"Ride Out With Me", written by BinKi BootZ. These songs will be added to conclude The ViBe "RiDe" mini album. Binki BootZ has an
extreme heroine personality and daring to achieve the BinKi BootZ Female Action Heroe Image, she has been collaborating with the
hypmotixing poet/writer, Asanaye Indris on her Theme Song "Get Loose BinKi BootZ" for her Cartoon Music Video/Action Comic Strip and Female Actioncomic book, coming in 2015 along with the BinKi BootZ aka BBZMerchandise Store to be added in 2015.

On stage BBz music project will ViBe "Ride", old School DAnce BEATz mastered with a twist of TEchno and Hard-POP. so,
Back on the scene with her Motorcycle and new release “RiDE” with me Side by Side, A Outside V.I.P. Listening Party is scheduled for
August 2014. The fearless BinKi BootZ is ready to put her foot down!!.
Performer, Dancer, Singer, Actress

  • BinKi BootZ-Beat By Dimonz1:09
  • A Beat by Dimonz0:20
  • RIDE (Instrumental)0:30